Dales Bros have experts in the valuation of commercial, industrial and residential property, farms, hotels and other specialised properties, plant and machinery, as well as business valuations. Dales Bros professional valuation and appraisal team is dedicated to Integrity Honesty Reliability and Efficiency (service): providing sound advice and accurate valuations. Each valuator specialises in valuations of certain asset categories. Our clients are thus assured that their valuation has been prepared with the necessary care and expertise, by a suitably qualified professional.   

Valuation for Sale by Auction:

We are open Monday to Friday 8.00am - 4.00pm, for assets to be brought in for free verbal valuations without obligation.

It would be advised to phone before if a specific valuator is required for items too large to transport or complete house or business contents we would be pleased to visit you at home or business. We can, where possible, give valuations from photograph by post or e-mail.

Deceased Estate, Liquidation, Family Division or other Legal Valuations:

We aim to provide a fast and efficient service for executors. A formal detailed inventory and valuation is prepared, naming all items of significant value. In the event of executors wishing to dispose of some or all of the chattels involved in an estate, Dales Bros provides a complete sales service. Collection of the items is arranged and catalogued for inclusion in the appropriate sale or sales.

House Clearance:

We are pleased to offer a complete house clearance service where required. We can provide a valuation for a complete household.

Insurance valuations: 

We have found many households are under-insured or in not even insured with regards to the Antiques, Collectable's and Art. A detailed inventory and valuation is provided of the more significant pieces. This can include photographs if required.

There is a charge for all formal valuations, be they legal or inquisitive, however, the fee may be waived when items are consigned for auction.